Newborn Session Prep

Congratulations on your new baby! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be your little ones first photographer. I specialize in newborn-first year, and families with small children because I understand the importance behind documenting these fleeting moments and what these beautiful images will mean to you, your family, and posterity for years to come. Because of that, I want you to have the best experience with me possible and be completely stress free! For your newborn session I have all the props, outfits, backdrops, and accessories we will need so you do not need to bring anything for your session, unless there is something special that you want to incorporate.

Please take a moment to click on the link below and fill out the model release and questionnaire. The sooner the better.   

This must be completed prior to your session so I am able to prepare. 

What to expect during your newborn session

For Baby
For your newborn session we want your baby to be super sleepy, so please prepare using the following guidelines:

Feed baby right before you put them in the car seat to come so that we can start as soon as possible.

Please keep your newborn awake for at least 1 hours before your scheduled session. I realize that this seems like a daunting task, but you can try these things: Give them a bath, let them kick with only a diaper on, tickle their feet, chat with them, and if needed you may have to let them be a little fussy. This will ensure those squishy, sleepy, newborn poses! You can do it! Many parents come in saying “Baby has been sleeping all morning, but trust me, he sleeps so good this time of day!” only to have baby stay awake, since they will be unclothed and unswaddled!  If you can’t keep baby awake in the car that is totally fine. All your hard work won’t be for nothing, I promise.

Sessions last between 3-4 hours, sometimes longer if baby is a light sleeper, or hungry, has an upset stomach, etc. The easiest way to ensure a sleepy baby is the willingness to nurse/bottle feed on and off throughout the session as needed.

Please file the baby's nails to ensure that they don't scratch their little faces.  The best files are the cheap emery boards you can get Walmart, Target or Walgreens.  Because baby's nails are so thin and fragile, I do not recommend you clip them with clippers.   

Jaundice: If your baby has jaundice or is still yellow from jaundice it is best we wait until it is out of his/her system.  Jaundice is very hard to edit out of skin due to the yellow/red blotchiness it causes as it is
leaving their system.  Jaundice is typically gone by week 2.

If you are breastfeeding and your baby has gas issues, please abstain from eating the following 72 hours before your session : dairy products - milk, cheese, yogurt, pudding, ice cream, or any food that has milk, milk products, casein, whey, or sodium casein in it.  Other foods that may cause gas and fussiness include anything with caffeine, soy, fish, peanuts, chocolate, wheat, beef, nuts, eggs, corn, citrus fruits and prenatal vitamins containing iron. -Courtesy Babycenter & Modern Mom Parenting

Caffeine: Please DO NOT drink caffeine 72 hours prior to your session if you are breastfeeding.  Working with so many newborns over the years I have seen a difference in those that are getting caffeine through mother's breast milk.  Babies who are affected by caffeine tend to be very jumpy, tense and alert.

Bottled Milk (not required): If you have introduced a bottle to your baby, this is the preferred method of feeding during the session so we are certain how much baby is receiving.  If you are pumping, feel free to bring your pump to the session.  I have outlets located near the sofa for your comfort and convenience.  If you're exclusively breastfeeding, that's perfectly fine. We will take breaks as we need to.  

Gas drops: To ensure your baby remains comfortable throughout their session, please pack a bottle of gas drops just in case, safe for the newest of babies.  I will only ask for gas drops if baby is very uncomfortable and cannot release gas thru self-release or burping.  

Be sure to bring all diaper bag necessities such as burp cloths, diapers, gas drops, with EXTRA! A bottle and formula if being bottle fed with PLENTY of extra formula and then some.

Pacifier: Please bring a Soothie brand pacifier (no animal pacifiers, please).  I recommend a Soothie pacifier so it does not leave red rings around baby's mouth.  Even if your baby does not take one from you (specifically if you are nursing, they can smell you and will want to nurse over soothing with a pacifier), they will usually take one from me.  A baby's natural born instinct is to pacify and sometimes a pacifier can make or break a session.  

Even if you haven’t used a pacifier or don’t intend to use one or even if baby refuses one for you! Please bring one just for the session. I like to have one on hand while posing baby and I have found this really helps to settle the baby and keep them asleep while changing positions-even if they don't suck on it! Just having it in their mouth is comforting for them. Do not attach any pacifier clips/lovies to the pacifier for the session. 

Please bring baby either  in a diaper only (wrapped up in blankets) or in a zipper down pajama. Do not put baby in anything that goes over the head. Have babies diaper loosely fitted so that it is easily removed.  Avoid any clothing that is irritating for baby or hard to remove. Do not rub or pick at babies dry skin! It just makes baby extremely red and is better softened by just putting baby friendly lotion on.  

For Mom/Dad
It will be around 80 degrees in the studio. Due to this, I come dressed for a warm few hours and I suggest you do too. Layers is a great idea.  

If your session package includes parent pictures, I ask the following; Dad, please wear a tight-fitting V-neck or regular tee in neutral colors (gray, black, white, cream, etc.) with a good snug pair of jeans. Polo shirts are not recommended. Moms you can wear a flowing neutral tank top or shirt. Keep the design simple, plain is best. Be sure to have no nail polish as your hands will make their way into the images. Also, rest assured, I aim to photograph using flattering angles and lighting to bring out the natural beauty in every person.

If your session includes sibling/baby shots: Sisters, please bring a snug tank top or tee in a neutral color. I ask that girls’ hair be natural or in braids free of bows, headbands, etc. Just as with mom, no nail polish please.

Brothers should wear a snug pair of jeans and shirtless or a tight neutral tee is preferred. Please take a moment to chat with your little man about this before the session so he is prepared and isn’t surprised to be shirtless.

My clients are allowed WIFI access as well so feel free to bring along any electronic devices to help pass the time.  We will start with sibling pictures so that whoever is watching the kids can take them home as soon as we are done with their part.


When you arrive, come around the east side of the house and follow the sidewalk around and down the stairs. 

You can just come right in and get comfortable. 

My address is:

2141 Pumpkin Patch Lane
Lehi, Utah 84043

You can get here by taking the Pioneer Crossing exit from I-15 North or South and head West.

Any questions? Feel free to email or text me any time!
I look forward to working with you and your sweet new little one!

Julie Burr


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Utah Newborn photographer, Utah newborn photography, Utah county newborn photographer, Utah valley newborn photographer, Salt Lake city newborn photographer, park city newborn photographer, lehi newborn photographer, 

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