Newborn Session Prep

The more prep you do before the session and the less time we spend feeding the more time we will spend photographing. Because of the need for a quiet calm environment, I ask that only parents (or one parent & support person if desired) attend the session.


The MOST IMPORTANT part of prepping is to make sure to keep baby stimulated and awake for AT LEAST 90 minutes before leaving for your session (a bath or getting baby naked helps keep them awake). Give baby a FULL feeding just before putting him/her in the car seat to leave for the session. Also, please make sure they give you a good burp so the gas doesn’t settle in their tummy. The car ride will help put them into a deep sleep so they are ready to go when you arrive.  Does this really make a difference since newborns sleep all day? The answer is YESSSS! Keeping baby up makes 100% difference. Remember, we are constantly moving and posing a naked baby which isn't something that's typically done at home. If they've been sleeping all morning I can guarantee they will not sleep soundly for their session and this will greatly reduce the types of shots and props we will be able to use. So pleeease, if you don't do anything else...KEEP.BABY.AWAKE . Please dress baby in something that does not need to go over his/her head and is easy to remove without disturbing him or her too much (zipper PJ’s are preferred, no onesies please) . Keep diaper slightly loose at the waist so that no red marks are left on baby's skin.

WHAT TO WEAR: (full sessions only)

For parent shots I love skin on skin, dads look best plain (not wrinkled) T-shirt (white, black or a neutral color works) . Polos are not recommended. T-shirts are best. Moms should bring a white, black or neutral tank top (same color as dad & yes you can wear long sleeves instead if you want) - don't worry, all parent shots are close ups and are from the waist up. Same dress for siblings, simple is better - a simple single color well fitting dress for girls, a plain (not wrinkled) well fitting shirt for boys and bare feet. (If you are choosing a color other than white for family photos, please also bring a white option for sibling(s)) We don't want the first thing you notice in the image to be the clothing. 



Jaundice: If your baby has jaundice or is still yellow from jaundice it is best we wait until it is out of his/her system. Jaundice is very hard to edit out of skin due to the yellow/red blotchiness it causes as it is leaving their system. I prefer to schedule jaundice babies right at the 2 week mark.

** Gas: If you are breastfeeding and your baby has gas issues, please abstain from eating the following for 72 hours before your session : Dairy products! milk, cheese, yogurt, pudding, ice cream, or any food that has milk, milk products, whey, or sodium  in it. Other foods that may cause gas and fussiness include anything with caffeine, soy, sh, peanuts, chocolate, wheat, beef, nuts, eggs, corn, citrus fruits and prenatal vitamins containing iron. – Courtesy Babycenter & ModernMom Parenting ** Caffeine: Please DO NOT drink caffeine (coke, ice tea, tea, coffee etc) 72 hours prior to your session if you are breastfeeding. Babies who are sensitive to caffeine tend to be very jumpy, tense and alert and are usually easily awoken with movement (posing)

WHAT TO BRING: Pacier : Please bring a Soothie brand pacier (and a spare). I recommend a Soothie pacier so it does not leave red rings around baby’s mouth. Even if your baby does not take one from you (especially if you are nursing, they can smell you and will want to nurse over soothing with a pacier), they will usually take one from me. A baby’s natural born instinct is to suck and sometimes having a pacier to help baby soothe baby during posing will make or break a session (no exaggeration here). If you are not using a pacier at home I encourage you to consider allowing me to use one for the session if we need it, it helps greatly in keeping baby settled and sleeping when transitioning from pose to pose. Diapers & Wipes Bottled Milk (preferred but not required) : If you have already introduced a bottle to your baby, this is the preferred method of feeding if needed during the session. If you're exclusively breastfeeding, that's perfectly fine. We will take a break when we need to and have a little nursing room for privacy. MISC: I have light snacks and bottled water (there is a dunkin donuts & McDonalds on your way from the highway) We have will- in the studio should you need it. Expect and plan for accidents. They are unavoidable with a naked baby :) I expect every newborn that I photograph to have accidents on the blankets, on me, on you....etc. it's a job hazard - please don't apologize! I always bring an extra shirt just in case (you may want to as well) :) Please note: Baby is use to being 98.6 degrees in the womb and cold babies do not sleep! In order to keep baby super, I keep the studio around 78-80 degrees, so it gets WARM - dress lightly or in layers that can be removed. remember keeping baby awake before the session can make all of the difference in your session and the poses we are able to get!

AFTER YOUR SESSION: Clients will receive a link to an online gallery within a week of your session. Your  gallery is a large gallery of unedited images straight from my camera. Here, you'll choose the images you want. Your final online gallery will be presented approximately 3 weeks after your selections are submitted & payment is received. Artwork can take 3-6 weeks to arrive and a time for you to pick up your art will be scheduled at that time

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